It’s not immediately obvious how to close an Instagram account. I’ll cut straight to the chase – Instagram’s account closure page is hidden here. You may wish to download a copy of all of your data before you do so, in which case you can follow the guidance at Instagram’s help center. Personally, I already had a copy of my photos so I skipped that step.

Yesterday Google, Apple and Amazon decided to team up and destroy another company… again. Together they are mighty weapons, but they’re wielded by Facebook and Twitter, who use them to eradicate their competition. Previously they were used to take down Gab and now they are being brought to bear against Parler. Both Gab and Parler are direct competitors to Facebook and Twitter. I predict that Mastercard and Visa will join the assault shortly, giving us all another reason to use Bitcoin.

The censorship is performed under the guise of removing hate speech, without ever providing evidence of such speech. Ironically, we all know that if we actually want to read hate and vitriol on the Internet, we need look no further than Facebook, Twitter and Reddit where it can be found in abundance.

So why close Instagram, you ask? Because it’s owned by Facebook.

Silicon Valley is ushering in the Dark Age of the Internet. They control what you can and can’t see, and say and remove historical content to create their own version of history.

You can fight back in the most devastating way possible. Simply closing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts hits them in the pocket. It limits their audience, makes advertisers look elsewhere and upsets their shareholders. It will also be good for your mental health and well-being.

Social media users are fed up with Silicon Valley’s political games and betrayal of trust. Facebook and Twitter lost over $51 billion of market value as users closed their accounts and investors dumped their shares after their most recent bout of political censorship and disinformation campaigns.

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media

The services they offer are free because you are the product. They misuse your data and influence your behaviour by manipulating your view of the World.

Last modified: January 25, 2021