Picture the scene… You’re a mage in Kargath and you want to make some money creating portals for people heading to Orgimmar and elsewhere. But you’re not the only mage hoping to make some quick cash from your services. You have competition! You apply your entire marketing knowledge and yell your best sales pitch to the continuous stream of adventurers bundling out of the inn.

“WTS Portals”

Nobody’s biting. Despite adventurers yelling words like “Org”, “UC”, “TB”, “Og” and “Undersh*tty”, nobody is coming to you for those portals. Every time you invite one of those gold-laden, potential customers to a group, you’re informed that they’re already in one! It seems that the other portal-selling mages are getting all the business. They smile smugly to themselves as they continuously vacuum up gold from everyone around them and yet you’re not getting a single coin.

What’s going on?

You probably already know if you’ve ever been seeking portals from a mage yourself. As soon as you utter a phrase which indicates that you’re looking for a portal then you’ll be immediately invited to a group. No human could possibly react as fast so it must be automated and indeed it is. The other mages are running AddOns to quickly create groups and get the business.

So here’s how to make a World of Warcraft AddOn to do the same thing yourself. Soon you’ll be on a level playing field with the competition!

The Basics

I’m not going to prattle on about Lua and why people use AddOns just to get my word count up and hope for a better SEO ranking. Instead, I’m going to assume that you already know these things or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Choose a Name

First, we need a unique name for our AddOn. Something catchy but relevant to its function. Hmmm… PortalWhore PortalWhere!

Create a Folder

Every AddOn needs its own folder created in a specific location in order for World of Warcraft to find it. On my PC the AddOns folder is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic\Interface\AddOns

You’ll know you’re in the right place because you’ll likely see other AddOns in the folder but if you’re one of those rare freaks of nature that has never installed an AddOn before then you might need to create this folder yourself.

You’ll then need to create your new folder inside of this one so in my case I will be working at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_classic\Interface\AddOns\PortalWhere

Create Some Files

Every AddOn must have a .toc file in order for World of Warcraft to recognise it. This file contains everything the game needs to know about your AddOn, including its name, description, the version of WoW required and what Lua and XML files to load to make it all work. The main thing to remember is that the .toc file must be named the same as its parent folder and it must use the .toc extension. So ours will be called PortalWhere.toc.

## Interface: 11302
## Title: PortalWh*re
## Notes: A portal mage's best friend


The Interface line tells WoW which version this AddOn is for. Since we’re creating this for Classic then we’ll tell it that we require version 11302.

The Title line is the name that will show up in the AddOns list in game, and the Notes line specifies the description shown when you hover your mouse over it.

Underneath the ## headers is a list of files that the AddOn will load. PortalWhere is going to be a relatively simple AddOn so we’ll be able to code it all using only one Lua file – All of our code will be in Core.lua. So create that file and we’ll move on to the good stuff – actual code!

Last modified: August 27, 2020



rebecca fusconi 

hi , i downloaded the addon from Github but it does not show ingame. any suggestions? ty 🙂


    If you’re downloading the code from GitHub as a zip then make sure you’re extracting it to the correct location and that that folder name inside the AddOns folder is PortalWhere and not PortalWhere-master. The folder name is very important as WoW uses it to find the .toc file.

hey there, i found your addon here, its rly nice but there still some mages that bit me in invites. is there any ways to make my invites faster? btw my ms on server i’m playing less then 40.


    Hey there, thanks for stopping by. I’ve experimented with that quite a bit. Sometimes I miss a lot of invites and at other times I dominate and have other mages asking me for my ping time because they’re missing out. I’ve not been able to conclusively determine exactly what increases the chances of winning them. I suspect that having a faster computer really helps but I’ve found that being closer to the inn door can also help (although that part may be my imagination). Do you have a decent FPS rate?

Installed the addon and I can see it loads when I login however when typing /pw or /portalwhere, nothing happens. Asked a friend to type org in general and nothing happened either.

Either way, love the guide 🙂


    Heya. This AddOn is very basic and doesn’t have a UI. What happens if you type “/pw on”? Also, it won’t respond to people in general chat. It only monitors say, shout and whispers. Feel free to modify it however you like though! Hope that helps 🙂

Hey bro, first of all thx so much for this post / simple addon…. I was able to edit it myself and use it for my own porting service. 🙂 Really appreciate you laying it out like this!!! it rlly helped me….

So now, I just had an idea for an addon…. and I was wondering if you’ve be interested in putting it together. I don’t think it would be too hard to code, but that’s not an area i have enough expertise in….

My idea was like a group deathroll addon, where it would track the rolls of party members…. and like manage it by auto-posting in party chat.

let me know if ur interested in putting an addon for it together, thanks 🙂

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